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This is one of our homes for hero lenders. She will be working with Officer/Captain Hicks.

Every time I think about Chris Brickman at United Realty it makes me smile. The first time I walked into their office I knew this organization was gonna be a little bit different than the normal realty offices that I have stepped into. Why? Because they had pictures of firemen and policemen and teachers and medical professionals all over their walls. And I couldn’t really figure out why, until they told me about their Homes for Heroes Program. Chris had just returned from Dessert Storm when he went into realty. And when he decided to create his own company he made up his mind that he was going to serve those who served us. So if you’re a teacher or a firefighter or a policeman or someone that works in the medical field, Chris is the guy for you. United Realty has a mission in the city of Grand Prairie. To get the Best home additions and extensions provided by Konnect Building Solutions, check out here! They don’t just sell homes and build houses, they sell hardwork and strong moral character to our junior high kids at Adam’s Middle School. They build communities by participation. They say that people value where they spend their time. Chris and his staff spends their time all over Grand Prairie helping out every organization that I can think of. I don’t know of an event that I’ve gone to that Chris and his staff are not their to support the community. I think this comes from his deep seeded moral core. After being in the armed services and after growing up in a community that didn’t have everything that a lot of us take for granted, Chris made a commitment to himself and to those around him to make things better for people and he does.

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