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Property Management Services

Do you own a house or condo that requires care and expert supervision? Are you unable to provide the necessary maintenance to your vacation house or rental property because of geographic constraints?

At United Realty & Associates, we have the solution. We supply the Dallas Fort Worth Area with residential property management and are ready to help provide your property with the care and attention it needs.

United Realty & Associates is comprised of a group of experienced property managers who understand that your investment requires someone who can be there to fix things when they break and make sure the lawn gets watered. We act as the liaisons between tenants and landlords and renters and contractors. If something breaks, we know who to call to fix it and when your tenants need to pay their rent, we’ll pick up the checks.

We understand you can’t be in two places at once and seek to protect your investment by insuring that every aspect of your property is well maintained and cared for. United Realty & Associates ‘ property management services extend to townhouses and condominium properties as well.

  • We pay for all advertising costs
  • No vacancy fees
  • Free, upfront rent comparable analysis for your subdivision
  • No repair or maintenance fees for work done as that presents a conflict of interest – Copies of all invoices are provided to clients for all work performed
  • Quarterly property walk-throughs
  • Rent payments are directly transferred into the accounts of clients the first week of the month
  • Any and all late fees collected are distributed directly to the property owner
  • No contractual obligation to sell property through us


Our clients make money 5 ways on their invested capital:

  • Monthly tax free passive cash flows
  • Monthly equity build-up due to principal paydown
  • Upfront unrealized capital gain due to equity capture upon purchase
  • Appreciation
  • Tax savings due to depreciation

See that your property is managed right. Call the experts at United Realty & Associates!

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