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At the Brickman team my husband and I worked with Alisa, Yolanda and Chris. They each seemed to have their specialties in the process of buying our house. Alisa seems to be ultimate organizer, she was on top of things including but not limited to all of the forms and appointments. She always had the answers for my many questions. Yolanda is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She showed us countless homes and it seems she would have patiently shown us hundreds more, until we found what was perfect for our family. Chris has a way of calming stress like I’ve never seen before as well as a network of people that can solve just about any problem.

Our need in buying a home was no small order. We moved from out of state with four children a work dog that needs a decent size back yard, and it was our hope to get everything on our wish list. Finding our dream home was not without bumps in the road, however the Brickman team with all of their talents got us into a home that is dreamier that I ever imagined, it has everything on our wish list and more and still well within our budget.

My husband is a veteran, so he was able to participate in the homes for heroes program that the Brickman team takes part in. With that we received an extra credit at closing. Chris also referred us to the best loan officer I have ever worked with (in the past they have been unorganized, not on time with things and charge an enormous amount of money for their ineffectiveness). In the end we did not write a check at closing at all, in fact we received a check at closing (a refund of our earnest money), without adding anything to our loan amount. It has been nice to be able to use that money to buy things for our new home.

Buying a home is not necessarily an easy thing especially when you don’t really want to move in the first place. But with the help of the right people many of the heart aches can be greatly lessened, especially when you know that your family has a Home, not a house, a Home to create new memories in.

Thank you, Chris, Alisa and Yolanda!!!

Anna and Jon Sperry

I just wanted to take the time to thank all the wonderful staff at United Realty & Associates for taking customer service to a whole new level when it comes to finding and purchasing a home. The knowledge and wisdom that each team member is willing to share makes home buying easy, effortless and fun. I would not ever recommend another company to anyone looking to purchase a home but United Realty & Associates. Me and my wife used the home for Heroes program because I was a vet and with their help we closed on our home within a month. No closing cost, no down payment, I even got my earnest money back at closing! So all we had to do was sign the papers and move in. So let Chris Brickman and his team show you how to save! I am so glad we did!! Blessings to you all!!

Mike and Andrea

Dear Homes for Heroes,

When we first began our journey with Homes for Heroes I was nervous about the uncharted territory my husband and I were about to embark upon as aspiring first time home owners. We did our due diligence in educating ourselves by attending new home owner’s courses and seeking council from successful home owners. Despite our preparation we still depended heavily on the professionals at Homes for Heroes and they did not disappoint.

From our initial meeting with Craig for preapproval to the final closing day and beyond the entire team was extremely efficient and professional. Alisa, our exceptional Realtor was on point every step of the way. She seamlessly coordinated both mine and my husband’s visions, which were quite different, so that we could ultimately realize our dreams. We worked very closely with her and I truly believe we would not have found our dream home without her wisdom, knowledge and business savvy. She was truly a jewel. My husband worked with our broker Chris and spoke very highly of him. My husband kept saying, “I keep hearing how stressful the home buying process is [from other people], but I’m just not feeling that stress”. I have and will continue to recommend this entire staff to our family and friends.

Thank you all so very much! We will never forget you guys, or our experience.

Chloe & Bryan Williams

Thinking of buying a house for the first time can be a daunting task. I was faced with the decision to either renew my lease or buy a house. I reached out and met with Chris Brickman to evaluate my options. I initially had doubts if I could be pull the trigger on buying a house but after going over my budget, Chris encouraged me to start with the pre-approval process.

Chris, Alisa and Tracy were professionals, knowledgeable in both the buy and sell sides of the market,responsive and very helpful getting me ready for the pre –approval process.

Chris referred me to Jason Bradley with Geneva Financial and Greg Cook, the inspector. They were both very quick and did an amazing job.

My search, I believe wasn’t the norm. I searched 5 properties in two days and I could tell which one was going to be my first house.I made an offer for the property in Lewisville, negotiated with seller and settled on the final purchase price.

Through the Home for Heroes program (which is program that gives credit/discount to Firefighters, emergency medical technicians, military and veterans, law enforcement, teachers and healthcare workers when buying,selling, renting, or refinancing a home), Chris threw an in a decent credit that went towards my down payment.

The icing on the cake was… I was able to close 5 days ahead of my closing date. This was due to amazing team working around the clock to make this possible.

Throughout my interactions with Chris, Alisa and Tracy, I never felt pressured to reach a decision, they were looking out for my best interest. They were responsive via email, phone call, text. They negotiated with the seller and made sure that all the repairs were done before closing. This experience was stress free and convenient by far. I walked away knowing I had a good deal.

I must say I had one of the best experience working with these team and I will definitely reach out to Chris and his team for my next move.

I recommend all my friends and family who are looking to buy or sell a house to reach out Chris and his team because they are simple the best in the mortgage business.

Divine Boamah

My experience with United Realty Chris Brickman Group:

My wife and I had been discussing selling our old home and moving into something new for several years. Every time we thought about it, the idea of actually getting our house ready to sell seemed insurmountable. It was an old house in need of some major repairs.

I met Chris Brickman at the gym where I work out. I knew Chris to be a very friendly person, and also knew he was in real estate. While talking one day in the gym, I told him that I really wanted to get out of my house and get something new. He said “That is what I do!” “Let me help you get out of that house, and let’s find you and your wife the home you want.” It was at that moment I realized how infectious Chris’ energy level was. I walked away from that 15 minute discussion feeling like, for the first time in years, that we were really going to get something done. Chris had suggested that if I did not want to spend the time and money fixing the house, to sell it “as is.” I learned quickly that Chris knew a lot of people in the business. I told him the price I wanted to get out of the house, and Chris found a buyer before we even listed the house on the market.  Chris was also able to connect me with several different lenders for my new home.

While the sale of my old home was underway, we went to work looking for a new home.  Chris’ staff was outstanding in finding areas that perfectly fit our interest. Within a matter of about a week, Alisa from Chris’ team, introduced us to an area we loved. We found the exact floor plan we wanted, on a house that was already under construction and available.

I would have never believed this whole process could have gone this easily. Chris and his team performed at a level that I never expected. The communication with Chris and his team was outstanding throughout the process.

In dealing with The Chris Brickman Group, I have to say that I never felt like a “client.” I always felt like a very important friend to Chris and his team.

Chris Spirrison
Vice President of Operations
Dallas Spinal Rehabilitation Center

We logged into the United Realty site to look at listings, what we got in return was much more than one can imagine.
After registering to receive listings we received a prompt call from Alisa Owens, the dedicated Realtor that contacted us to follow up on any questions within moments of logging off the site. In 1 week we located what has now become our new home. In less than 30 days we worked with a wonderful Team of dedicated professionals with United Realty. Chris Brickman and Tracy Aldridge worked side by side with Alisa to make sure any questions were answered promptly. Alisa and Tracy attended each inspection with us and we appreciate the Team efforts given to our home purchase.

They made the process a great Experience!!

With much Appreciation,

Clinton and Pamela Hodge
USN/financial services

I am so thankful and blessed for the wonderful job Alisa Owens and Chris Brickman with United Realty & Associates have done. Every word they said they would do was followed through every time; from the Lender, to the inspection, to the closing. They were there every step of the way and went out of their way to make sure every situation for the home buying process was met! They are awesome and they shared with me a new chapter in my life with purchasing my first home. I recommend them to each and anyone looking for a realtor because they are a complete package from beginning to end. Thank you Alisa and Chris!!!

M. Right

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